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Dear Yesterfolks,

I’m delighted to announce that Yesterface has moved to hellomagazine.com after being awarded a coveted spot at their fab blog section!

The original Yesterface site will still remain and I’ll be posting here from time to time, but for my latest articles please visit: blog.hellomagazine.com/yesterface

Thanks so much to all of you who read, enjoy and follow Yesterface – I hope you continue to do so at its new home!

Lots of Yesterlovin’

Heledd x

(image: hellomagazine.com)

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

I’m always hesitant when it comes to buying liquid eyeliner – they’re usually difficult to apply and tend to create a bit of a mess.

maybelline eyeliner

Luckily, I recently discovered Maybelline’s Master Precise liquid eyeliner. The eyeliner has a sharpened yet soft-feeling nib that resembles a felt tip, which makes it easy to apply with precision.

The eyeliner  also stays in place, doesn’t smudge, and doesn’t congeal. It’s also currently part of a Maybelline 3 for 2 deal at Boots. Grab it while you can!

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

Newspaper Nails

STOP THE PRESS! A new nail trend is making today’s headlines at Yesterface, and it is truly FONT-astic.

Newspaper nails have actually been around since 2011, but it wasn’t until today that I saw them in real life, as it were.

My friend Heledd Jones, whose gorgeous nail art has appeared on Yesterface before, recently went about creating the fashionable print herself. And, guess what, she totally nailed it! Have a look…

newspaper nails
Newspaper nails, as painted and modelled by Heledd Jones

Visit wikihow for instructions on how to design your own newspaper nails!

Wimbledon 2012: Celebrity Style

Wimbledon 2012 has been a delight to watch for a number of reasons, not least being the fashionable audience…

While Murray and Federer battled it out in the men’s final, a number of trendy celebs looked on from around the court, and though my eyes were glued to the game, I couldn’t help but enjoy the brief moments when the camera cut away to Wimbledon’s VIP spectators.

David and Victoria Beckham Wimbledon 2012
Victoria Beckham looking cheery as ever at Wimbledon 2012 (image: BBC)

I spotted a few notable faces during the match, including David Beckham, who, with a sharp suit and slicked-back ‘do, looked his usual dashing (albeit slightly greasy) self. His missus, on the other hand, could be seen sporting a posh ponytail, royal-purple nails, and her infamous beaming smile signature pout.

Sitting next to one another in the Royal box were the Middleton sisters, both of which boasted thick eyeliner and silky, voluminous hair. I reckon Kate and Pippa secretly attempt to out ‘do (pun intended) each other at public events, but in this case they scored equal points in the barnet stakes.

Kate Middleton Pippa Middleton Wimbledon 2012
“Kate, YOUR hair’s nicer” “No Pippa honestly, YOUR hair’s nicer” (image: BBC)

Another lady in the audience who looked immaculate was Murray’s girlfriend, Kim Sears. With her flawless makeup, Bond-girl facial features and enviable blonde locks, Sears looked every inch the tennis WAG. Could she be a new style icon in the making? Watch this space…

Andy Murray's girlfriend, Kim Sears, at Wimbledon 2012
Andy Murray’s girlfriend, Kim Sears, at Wimbledon 2012 (image: talksport.co.uk)

Ga-gagging for caffeine!

The alarm sounds, you wake up confused, and in a frantic rush to catch your plane you forget to put on your top. We’ve all done it. Oh no, wait, we haven’t. But there’s one Lady who has, and that’s Gaga.

On her way to the airport in Australia, Lady G was spotted wearing a somewhat bizarre ensemble. “Quelle surprise!” I hear you say, and you’re right, I know. Gaga’s whacky wardrobe hardly comes as a shock these days – but let’s discuss her outfit anyway. After all, the pavement is her catwalk, and we, the world, her bewildered audience.

Lady Gaga bra airport
Lady Gaga’s sidewalk style (image: dailymail.co.uk)

Gaga, who had just picked up a coffee from Melbourne’s Flavour cafe, teamed a pair of flowing velvet hareem pants with gold studded belts and killer heels (quite literally, they could probably be used as a torture device). For her torso, the songstress opted for a draping velvet jacket and, erm, a push up bra, with which she proudly displayed her baps to the paps.

Yes, her attire was attention-seeking, but I have to admit that Gaga, with her custard-coloured ponytail, candy-pink lips and Lennon-esque shades, looked every inch the superstar while strutting along the sidewalk – coffee in hand and entourage in tow.

Brappuccino, anyone?

Mod for it: Mila Kunis channels the 60s in Elle photoshoot

Mila Kunis is my ultimate girl crush. Not only is she a talented and beautiful actress, but, given that she’s the voice of Family Guy’s Meg, she clearly has a brilliant sense of humour too (which, let’s face it, is rare for someone so pretty).

From the interviews I’ve read with Mila in various glossies, she also comes across as a laid-back, friendly and down-to-earth kinda gal. One who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and one who voices her opinions intelligently.

Mila Kunis Elle magazine 60s photoshoot
Mila Kunis’ 60s inspired photoshoot with Elle magazine (image: popsugar.com)

And as if all of that weren’t enough, I must now add another point to my long, creepy list of reasons as to ‘Why I lurve Mila’. Namely, her new and incredible sixties-inspired photoshoot with Elle magazine.

The shoot, which will appear in the August issue of Elle, sees Mila sport a number of gorgeous, modish outfits alongside bouffant hair, power brows and a pair of smokey eyes. Can the woman do no wrong?

Visit Yesterface’s 60s Makeup Tutorial for tips on how to recreate a swinging sixties look, and click here to see a video of Elle’s shoot with Mila!

Venus Williams’ beauty picks

It must be said that, when it comes to beauty, both Venus and Serena are at the top of their game this year; Serena with her funky nail art, glossy lips and feline eyeshadow, and Venus with her sculpted features, dazzling teeth and impressive mane of hair.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Venus named her top beauty picks. Read on to find out what they are…

Venus and Serena Williams Wimbledon 2012
Venus and Serena Williams Wimbledon 2012

1. Mascara: “Lancôme, the one that vibrates. This is my must-have product. My lashes are so curly, and it makes them look long and sexy.”

2. Shampoo and conditioner: “The Body Deli. These are among the only shampoos and conditioners made of raw food products, and they get the tangles out of my wildly curly hair!”

3. Moisturizer: “Dermalogica Active Moist.”

4. Toothpaste: “Tom’s Simply White.”

5. Soap: “The Body Deli unscented soap.”

6. Nail-polish color:Any color by Serena. She’s my glamazon role model!”

7. Hair salon: “Angela Meadows Salon in Miami Beach, Florida.”

8. Spa: “We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California. The most awesome place to relax and detox.”

Venus Williams beauty Wimbledon 2012
Venus Williams (Image: Vanity Fair June 2012 issue)

Marilyn Monroe; through a photographer’s lens

“A splash of Marilyn”, the title given to a recent feature in Vanity Fair, provides fascinating snapshots of Marilyn Monroe. I use the term “snapshots” in both literal and figurative terms.

The article, an adaptation from photographer Lawrence Schiller’s memoir of his sessions with Marilyn Monroe, depicts the actress in a state of total undress.

Not only did Marilyn strip off for Schiller’s camera, but to some extent she also bared her soul to the photographer.

Marilyn Monroe Elizabeth Taylor
Marilyn Monroe felt acutely aware of Elizabeth Taylor’s success (Vanity Fair June 2012)

The feature is accompanied by a series of never-seen-before, semi-nude shots of Marilyn, but far more revealing than the photographs is Schiller’s account of his working relationship with the Hollywood icon.

According to Schiller, there was much more to Marilyn Monroe than met the eye – or indeed the lens. She was beautiful and charismatic, undoubtedly, but she was also troubled and insecure.

In his article, Schiller depicts the many different facets of Marilyn Monroe;  from headstrong and career-driven (“Fox should start paying as much attention to me as they are paying to Elizabeth Taylor”), to angry and resentful (“This lousy movie! Fucking studio!” he once overheard her say from her dressing room).

“A Splash of Marilyn” written by Lawrence Schiller (Vanity Fair June 2012)

But in his memoir Schiller also sheds light on how gentle, fragile and vulnerable Marilyn was –  qualities which no doubt complimented her shapely curves, dulcet voice and her face which, in Schiller’s words, was ‘as soft as a silk bedsheet’.

Marilyn not only confided in Schiller about her feelings towards the movie industry (“It’s still about nudity. Is that all I’m good for?”) but she also trusted him with her deepest insecurities.

“I never wanted to be Marilyn,” she once told him. “It just happened. Marilyn’s like a veil I wear over Norma Jeane.” This quote, to me, is the most telling and poignant of all, and proves that beauty does not necessarily equate happiness.

Indeed, Marilyn was plagued by good looks, and to her they were both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand they made her a star, and on the other they made her miserable.

But there’s no denying the power of Marilyn Monroe’s beauty, or indeed the beauty of her character. After all, we’re still talking about her today…

Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Vanity Fair (June 2012 issue)
Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Vanity Fair (June 2012 issue. Image: magxone.com)

To read Schiller’s “A Splash of Marilyn” online, visit www.vanityfair.com

Crazy nail art!

Check out these garishly gorgeous nails, which belong to my super creative and highly talented pal Heledd Jones.

Heledd has always been an arty creature (she won the BBC Blast Scrap Fashion Competition back in 2007) so it came as no surprise to me when I found out she designed these badboys herself.

Yes they’re gaudy and completely impractical, but who cares? I WANT THEM!

bead nail art

“I love nail art because they’re tiny, exciting snippets of art,” says Heledd. “Instead of painting a canvas and putting it on a wall, I paint my nails about twice a week and don’t have enough time to get bored of them!”

Fancy recreating Heledd’s nail art? Then follow these five simple steps…

1. Apply a basecoat to your nails.

2. Apply a coat of white nail varnish to each fingernail.

3. Apply a second layer of white nail varnish to just one nail.

4. Using tweezers, place the beads onto the freshly painted nail  straight away. Repeat step 3 & 4 on each individual nail.

4. Lastly, apply a gloopy layer of top coat to each nail, making sure to go cover the beads so that they stay in place.

Yesterface fact: Nail art can be traced back to 5000 BC in India, where women dyed their fingertips with henna. To find out more about the history of nail art, visit refinery29.com


Serena Williams sports ace nail art at Wimbledon 2012!

It seems Serena’s handicraft knows no bounds. Not only can she manipulate a racket with ease, but it looks as if she’s a dab hand with a nail brush too!

serena williams nail varnish
Serena Williams designs her own floral nail art for Wimbledon 2012 (image: BBC2)

Serena, while being interviewed by BBC2 on the fourth night of Wimbledon 2012, discussed the tropical floral print on her perfectly manicured nails.

“I’m into nails and nail art, so I just went light this year and painted a few flowers… I’m designing them [myself], it’s fun! I love doing it!”

Opi eyeshadow Serena Williams
Serena Williams wears her favourite Opi eyeshadow at Wimbledon 2012 (image: BBC2)

Serena, who was wearing her favourite Opi eyeshadow, said during the interview that she hadn’t received flowers from a man in ‘a really long time’.

Well, now we know the solution to that problem – just do like Serena does and paint a bunch of pretty petals on your nails!

serena williams
Serena Williams looking naturally beautiful at Wimbledon 2012 (image: BBC2)

Click here to see what Serena and Venus wore at Richard Branson’s Pre-Wimbledon party!