Hennes & Mauritz: Hit or Miss?

Paris’s oldest fashion house has just graced H&M with its presence, but it’s not the first time the high street store has collaborated with a designer brand.

Fashion followers will already know that, in addition to Lanvin, H&M already boasts a star-studded history of collections; Stella McCartney, Madonna, Roberto Cavalli, Kylie Minogue and Jimmy Choo have been a few of H&M’s guest designers.

Regardless of H&M’s Hit and Miss products (let’s face it, while some items are deceptively cheap, some are just, well, cheap) the chain has firmly established itself as a chic fast-fashion outlet, churning out catwalk style at a rapid and bargainous rate.

But what about H&M cosmetics?

As far as I understand, H&M has been selling make-up for a while now. Yet, despite being a fan of the Swedish store, I must admit I’ve never purchased a single product from the ‘By H&M’ make up range. The other day, however, a shimmery eyeshadow palette caught my eye…

I was on the verge of purchasing it until I saw the price tag: £5.99. Now, while that’s not exactly an extravagant amount, in a shop where you can buy a skirt for £2.99, the price did seem a bit out of place. And unfortunately, unlike regular make up counters, you can’t try before you buy.

So I’ll tighten my purse strings for now, but I would like to know how many people purchase H&M make up, and if so, whether indeed they deem it a hit or a miss.

If I do end up splashing 599 pence on the aforementioned palette, I’ll be sure to let you know.



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  1. I have bought their stuff in the past, but wasn’t exactly rushing back! Their eye pencils were too hard and not at all smudgy, and their powders didn’t blend well either. But I can’t speak for the last couple of years. I do remember it being very cheap though – £5.99 seems a bit excessive.

    If i’m going for cheap makeup (usually ok for bright eye pencils, eyeshadows, nail varnish) I’d go 17/Collection 2000/Rimmel every time. I think H&M should stick to what they’re good at – quirky, scandanavian fashion and the odd nice scarf.

    • Everyone I’ve spoken to about this has given one simple reason for not buying make up at H&M : it looks cheap.

      I’ve not found anyone who’s recently bought or tried any H&M make up products, and would be interested to hear back from someone who has.

      Maybe I should just go and buy the palette…

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