Model Potential (iPhone App)

Remember last week’s post on how facial beauty is based on the ‘golden ratio’?

Well, funnily enough, Grazia has just reported the release of a new iPhone app which uses ‘golden ratio software’ to assess your beauty!

According to this week’s edition of Grazia, the app, named Model Potential, “analyses your mugshot and compares it to perfect mathematical symmetry” to find out whether you have what it takes to become a model.

“Famously, supermodel Helena Christensen’s face complies to this ideal. It’s in proportion.. and super-symmetrical,” explains Grazia. “Leonardo da Vinci is assumed to have painted according to the golden ratio, so it has an excellent pedigree.”

Helena Christensen golden ratio
Helena Christensen's face makes her model perfect. The body probably helps, too. (image:

In addition to a snapshot of your face, the app, which was developed in conjunction with Select Model Management, asks for your name, age, height, waist measurement, bra measurement, face shape and eye colour before calculating your  ‘beauty ratio.’

So for £1.19 you can check whether your face and body fit the golden bill. But don’t expect the results to be flattering; the staff at Grazia, who road-tested the app, were greeted with feedback results as acerbic as ‘average.’ Charming.

Want to see if you’ve got model potential? Then download the app here.

Grazia's 'Model Potential' iPhone app article (image: Grazia, 27 June 2011)


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  1. This actually makes me quite sad. Sad for all the girls and women that buy that app and don’t get the results they wanted – whose insecurities may have even led them to buy that app 😦

  2. Sophie Llister July 6, 2011 — 9:21 pm

    I downloaded this app and found it so intriguing! I tried it on my sister too. We had a real giggle! It’s supposed to be a bit of fun but I found it really helpful too because I want to be a model and it gave me loads of tips. Plus I got to send my pics to Select.

  3. Looove this app. I got a ‘good ratio’ so pleased!

  4. Wow, will have to try it out – on my sister at least this evening – that’s the trouble, the people who will like it are those who will get good scores — here’s hoping 😉 Good idea at least for its talk-ability, that’s half the game with apps anyway!

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