The Grazia Beauty Desk

Ever wondered what it’s like to work on the Grazia beauty desk? Well, having just spent a couple of weeks interning there, I can confirm one thing: it’s busy!

The desk is manned by four ladies; beauty editor Liz Hambleton, associate beauty editor Lauren Murdoch-Smith, beauty assistant Rose Beer, and beauty co-ordinator Angelica Hermon.

During my stint at Grazia the beauty team were in the midst of preparing for a big fashion shoot in New York, and were consequently receiving a tremendously high volume of deliveries.

MAIL! Just one of many beauty sample deliveries.

Numerous trips to the courier office (see above!) led me to witness just how many product samples the team receive. The beauty desk is constantly bombarded with bags and parcels from a host of top brand names; Kerastase, Clinique, L’Oreal, YSL, Clarins, Estee Lauder – you name it, they get it.

It probably comes as no surprise then when I say that the Grazia beauty cupboard is crammed with cosmetics. The room’s four little walls are lined with shelf upon shelf of plastic containers, all bursting with beauty products.

HELLO HEAVEN! Step inside the Grazia Beauty Cupboard...

Stepping inside the cupboard is akin to entering some sort of otherworldly realm (excuse the Narnia analogy) filled with nothing but endless supplies of lotions and potions. In short, it is goody heaven. UH-MAZING.

While snooping around the cupboard I spotted a row of books on fashion and make-up, which reminded me of the fact that beauty has generated a wealth of  literature over the years (check out Eileen Allen’s The Book of Beauty, published in 1967, for some classic – and often hilarious – beauty tips!)

Reading material can also be found in the Grazia beauty cupboard!

After sighting these I was keen to find out more about beauty journalism, and luckily I got the chance to quiz Grazia’s beauty co-ordinator, Angelica Hermon. In our Q&A, Angelica, 22, from London, tells Yesterface what it’s like to be part of the Grazia beauty team…

Hi Angelica! How did you start out at Grazia?

I interned here ages ago and then when they had a department reshuffle they called me up and asked me to come back!

How did you get into beauty, and what interests you about it?

Slightly by accident. I had been doing lots of fashion freelancing and then went to work at InStyle in the beauty team as I had a window free, and it was a complete revelation!

What are your responsibilities as beauty co-ordinator?

I do blogs for the website, write single pages, organise beauty shoots both in London and abroad and most importantly keep the beauty cupboard in order!

What do you love most about your job?

Trying all the amazing products we get sent!

Endless freebies - oh what I'd give to live in that cupboard.

What are the perks of your job?

Meeting really inspiring people within the industry (most recently Lynn Harris of Miller Harris who was fascinating), travelling on shoots and press trips and going for facials!

Do you get sent lots of freebies? And do you get to keep them?

Yes and yes. My bathroom is full to the brim with samples. I am a bit of a hoarder…

What three make up items couldn’t you live without?

Dior Extase Mascara, No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation (still the best I’ve ever tried) and Lanolips Lip Ointment.

What advice would you give to individuals wanting to go into beauty journalism?

Work experience, I think, is the single most important thing. I dropped out of university and decided to just throw myself into the magazine world and it has really paid off.

Sometimes you will feel like giving up. but perseverance and getting your name out there really help you on your way.

Thanks, Angelica!

Angelica in the cave of treasures that is the Grazia Beauty Cupboard!

While we’re on the topic of beauty journalism, I should point out that during my placement not only did I gain some amazing insight into how the magazine works, but I was also asked to write for the beauty section of Grazia’s website.

So if you’re thinking of going into beauty journalism, I’d definitely recommend applying for work placements at magazines like Grazia – mainly for the experience, but also for the great writing opportunities you might be given!

(Check out Grazia Daily to read my first beauty article, which features none other than Beyonce’s bountiful bouffant . Who run the world? CURLS!)


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