Fashion & Beauty: Gaming Nostalgia

There’s nothing like LFW to reignite our passion for fashion (or pash for fash, as the fash-pack would say). I don’t know about you, but it always manages to rekindle my child-like excitement for clothes…

Jem Jerrica and The Holograms
Jem Jerrica and The Holograms (Image:

Fred Butler’s rainbow creations in particular have evoked in me a bout of fashion-based nostalgia. The splash of colour (see below) instantly brings to mind the assortment of coloured pens and pencils with which I would sketch clothes as a kid, while the psychedelic design reminds me of how excited I felt at the prospect of trying to create any outfit that I could possibly imagine.

Fred Butler LFW SS12 Rainbow design

Granted, the clothes I sketched usually ended up looking like they belonged to Jem Jerrica (a fashion icon if there ever was one) and as a result got a bit samey. Luckily I had a great device to keep my fashion doodles varied…

Jem Jerrica cartoon
Jem Jerrica (Image:

I am, of course, talking about none other than THE FASHION WHEEL! Its three rotating layers – each with a selection of designs for head, torso and legs – meant you could sketch as many outfits combos as you liked. Superb.

The Fashion Wheel toy

The Fashion Wheel was an excellent tool, oh yes, but it was soon usurped by the arrival of Barbie Fashion Designer CD-ROM. Whoever created that computer game deserves a medal; not only could you design an outfit in 3D (using virtual Barbie as your model, obvz) but afterwards you could actually print it off.

On special material.

And then dress your Barbie in it.


Barbie Fashion Designer CD ROM

Oh and speaking of Barbie, how could I forget to mention the online Barbie makeover game – which, FYI, still exists! Obviously I’m far too mature to play it now though. Obviously.

Barbie Superstar Makeovers
Barbie Superstar Makeovers (Image:

Fortunately there’s an alternative for adults thanks to ‘s Beauty Makeover Tool – you can use the tool to upload a photo of your face and give yourself a makeover, plus it tells you exactly what products you’ve used in case you want to buy them. Clever, eh?

As for fashion games, well, one is never too old for the trusty sketch pad…

Cosmopolitan Beauty Makeover Tool
Cosmopolitan Beauty Makeover Tool (image:



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  1. Oh my god, I had that fashion wheel!! haha. Haven’t thought of it in years, but I many hours of fun with that thing!! 🙂

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