Sensitive skincare wipes

If, like me, you have both dry and sensitive skin, you’ll probably agree that it’s difficult to find skincare wipes that suit your complexion.

Many brands, even those which are specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin, often cause break-outs or irritations. That’s why I usually stick to good old-fashioned soap and warm water (plus some Simple eye make-up remover).

But sometimes you need a quick and easy solution to ridding your face of makeup – one that won’t cause you aggravation later on. In which case my recommendation has to be Johnson’s baby skincare wipes; they’re soft, fragrance free, and best of all, they’re cheap.

Of course each person’s skin is different, but unlike with other brands, I’ve never personally experienced any skin problems after using Johnson’s baby wipes. After all, if they’re gentle enough for a newborn baby, they should be gentle enough for most adults. Give them a try!

Johnson's baby skincare wipes
Johnson's baby skincare wipes (image:

Yesterface fact: Humans have been using soap since before 200AD. A combination of animal or vegetable fats combined with alkali, salt and water, soap is designed to strip the skin of all dirt and oil.



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  1. I tried this recipe but it turned out I required this production process: .

  2. The Yesterface Fact is always more interesting than the article. Please have more of them and less article content.

  3. Love Johnson’s baby wipes! Suits my lazy lifestyle. Great blog, keep it up! x
    P.S I do, however, detect a bad smell … eegg?!

  4. Smells pretty rotten to me. I have extremely sensitive eyes but I am also a huge fan of Johnsons baby wipes. Great MAKEUP post 🙂

  5. As a sincere token of my apology I have followed the Egyptian make-up tutorial and I am putting on The Mummy Returns.

  6. Johnson’s Baby Wipes is a great recommendation. The baby wipes is always there in my carry bag whenever I go out. Natural skincare is always good and these baby wipes are ideal for that.

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