Valentino Valentina Satin Floral Body Milk: Review

Sweet but not too saccharine, Valentino’s Valentina Satin Floral body milk is one lovely lotion.

As its name suggests, Valentina body milk has a light and delicate consistency, one which immediately cools and softens the skin. It has a distinct floral scent, and its shimmery finish gives your complexion a nice moon-kissed glow.

Whether you’re basking in sunshine or starlight, Valentina body milk catches the rays and makes your skin look luminous. It’s the lotion equivalent of Benefit High Beam; it moisturizes your body and its subtle sparkles create a radiant sheen across your skin’s surface.

Priced at £30 per 200ml, the body milk comes in a very pretty bottle, a smaller 100ml version of which can be bought as part of the gorgeous Valentina Eau de Parfum gift set.

A bit of a luxury buy, but if you’ve got the pennies then I suggest you invest!

Valentino Valentina body milk

Yesterface fact: Until the 18th century, musk was the most fashionable fragrance. Musk is an aphrodisiac to both sexes, and up until the 19th century, the musk used in fragrance came from the penile sheath of a small deer found in China and the Himalayas. Poor dears.

Luckily due to both ethical and economic reasons, most if not all musk fragrance used in perfumery today is synthetic.


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