The Fill Monty: Review

Soap & Glory has become renowned for its kitsch packaging and cheery slogans, all of which sound like they’ve come straight out of a 1950s beauty advert.

I’m a big fan of Soap & Glory’s bath and body stuff, especially Pulp Friction, and so recently I decided to try a product from their skin care range.

While browsing the range a cute pink and yellow box caught my eye. The box, which has a pretty label that looks like an old Hollywood lightbulb mirror, is home to a 12ml wrinkle filler called The Fill Monty.

Fill Monty wrinkle filler by Soap and Glory
The Fill Monty: for those who like to bare their skin

The filler, which contains ginseng, royal jelly, and light-refacting silicone spheres (whatever they may be) promises to make fine lines disappear in seconds.

As per with any Soap & Glory item, the box is plastered with charming captions bigging up the product inside. So, after reading all the hype, I wanted to see whether it could do what it said on the (proverbial) tin.

Fill Monty wrinkle filler by Soap and Glory
Another cute container by Soap and Glory

Soap & Glory advises you to “dab a fine film of The Fill Monty on clean skin, over any fine lines or wrinkles that you’d like to be seeing less of”. Indeed, the amount of filler you apply is crucial; too much and it congeals, too little and it won’t make a difference.

However, if you apply the right amount, the product does seem to improve your complexion. The Full Monty is a soft, almost putty-like substance, and has an instant filler effect that smooths out the appearance of fine lines.

At the grand old age of 24 I’ve noticed that my skin is beginning to lose its elasticity, but this hydrating product evened out a few forehead crinkles and gave my face a little lift.

The Fill Monty by Soap and Glory Skin Care range
The Fill Monty by Soap and Glory

The only problem I initially had with The Fill Monty was when I tried to combine it with makeup. As instructed, I applied the cream after putting on foundation but the two ended up forming a sort of paste and – somewhat ironically – my skin ended up looking wrinklier as a result.

However I’ve tested the product with makeup since and it’s been absolutely fine. It seems the filler works perfectly well with foundation as long as you’re wearing the right amount and the right brand (I use it with Clinique).

Soap and Glory Fill Monty Wrinkle Filler
I believe in miracles... where you from... you sexy skin!

Overall verdict: The Fill Monty is a compact but long-lasting product that helps achieve flawless skin, which is particularly helpful if you’re going for a nude look (and by nude I mean your face, not the FULL monty, obvz).

I’m not entirely convinced that The Fill Monty is worth £9.50, but if you’re buying it as part of Soap & Glory’s regular “3 for 2” offers then I’d say it’s a good third choice.

It may not be ground-breaking, but it’s a perfectly pleasant product that offers positive results, and I look forward to using the rest of my pot!

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  1. Speaking of ageing, I couldn’t help but notice how well preserved George Clooney looks in The Descendants. Shame the film is so dull (click here for a full review:

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