Ciaté Caviar Manicure

There are hundreds and thousands of ways to paint your nails, but there’s only one way to make your nails look like hundreds and thousands…

UK nail brand Ciaté is about to introduce the Caviar Manicure, otherwise known as  “the first three dimensional nail kit of its kind.”  The texture reminds me of those sparkly Swarovski phone covers – gawdy, but totez gorgeous.

Created by Ciaté’s Creative Director Charlotte Knight, the nail kit costs £18, looks relatively easy to apply, and comes in three different colours…

1. Rainbow

This delectable mixture of hues looks like candy coloured perfection. Truly mouth-watering! Caviar Manicure Set - Multi

2. Black Pearls

This shade is très sleek – perfect for a swanky night out. Imagine how well these glossy little beads will reflect the city lights!

Caviar Manicure Set - Dark

3. Mother of Pearl

Every girl deserves pearls, and now there’s a reasonably priced way to wear them every day…

Caviar Manicure Set - White

Caviar Pearls, £18, Ciaté. Join the waiting list at



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