Snake Make Up & Surfer Girl Hair!

Last night I attended an S-themed birthday party. In a bid to be cool and original, my friend and I decided to forgo the typical fancy dress options (eg. schoolgirl, sexy nurse, satan – or any other outfit that’s basically an excuse to dress like a slut) and instead we decided to go as something silly.

Many ideas occurred to us, but most were inappropriate. Or politically incorrect. Or both. But we were determined that our outfits would have an element of humour to them.

Snake and surfer girl Heledd Williams
We don't pull much on nights out.

So my friend, the wonderful Nia Berry, went all out and dressed up as a SNAKE. Oh yes. At a very slim six foot one (and with long, sleek hair) my model-like buddy already had the right physical proportions to carry off the slender look.

Scary snake make up
Snake makeup. Snakeup.

However, bar a streamline physique, Nia doesn’t have much else in common with snakes, and so a little makeup magic was required. Using her awesome art skills and a few basic make-up tools (shimmer, eyeshadow and eyeliner) she transformed her lovely face into that of a frightening reptile.

snake makeup
Sssssexy and you know it

To complete the look, my pal opted for a long, shimmery top, multicoloured sequin leggings and Andrea Fulerton Mock Croc nail varnish. Having her tongue split to look like this badboy would probably have been a step too far.

My favourite bit about her costume, however, were her eyes. Every time she blinked it was beyond creepy, especially given that we were in a dark club. Watching her stresssss her S’ssss and slither to the bar for a snake-bite was rather amusing though.

mock croc nails snake skin
Andrea Fulerton's Mock Croc is perfect for creating snake skin nails

Due to financial restraints and limited preparation time, I ended up whacking on an old Rashi vest and going out dressed as a surfer girl. Not quite as outrageous as I’d hoped, but on the plus side I did, in the process of dressing up, discover L’Oreal Studio Go Create Sculpting Spritz.

My hair is naturally wavy / curly – depending on what mood it’s in, or what products I use – but I often find if I leave it to dry naturally it turns into a frizzy mess. If I get caught in the rain I look like Brian May.

snake make up and surfer girl hair
Just another night out in Bangor.

But this spritz did a really good job. For a toussled, messy-but-not-messy surfer ‘do, I washed my barnet with yummy dollops of Aussie shampoo & conditioner and then scrunched plenty of the spritz into my (damp) hair.

The spritz has a good texture, not too gooey or sticky, but gunky enough to jazz up your locks. It lasted all night, really defined my curls, smelled gorgeous, AND worked well with hairspray!

surfer girl hair Heledd Williams
WAVY hair. Geddit? Surfer... waves...

Make-up wise I went for simple and shimmery. I applied some of Maybelline’s Dream Touch blush in Peach, High Beam on my brow and cheekbones, a little Benefit They’re Real mascara to plump up my lashes, and a fine layer of Rimmel’s liquid eyeliner on my upper eyelids. I also put on a bit of Fake Bake for nice sun-kissed skin.

I completed the laid-back, fresh-off-the-beach look by chucking on a few beads, a pair of floral espadrilles and some cut off jeans. I also applied sparkly silver Barry M nail varnish as it reminded me of glistening water (lovely mental image, eh?) I then went surfin’ USA on the dancefloor. Gnarly!

snake make up and surfer girl hair Heledd Williams
I got my hair did. Surfer girl styley.

ps. I wanted to go out wearing my Roxy wetsuit but figured it’d be impractical, in that I would have melted, and going to the toilet would’ve been a challenge.


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