Bare-Faced Chic: Rihanna & Beyoncé ditch the makeup!

You might call it somewhat self-absorbed, ya know, Tweeting a pic of yourself to millions to prove that you do look hot even without a bit of slap. But despite the arguably narcissistic nature of Rihanna‘s online actions, I must admit she looks quite lovely without makeup.

Rihanna rocks the natural look (image:

Rihanna’s bare-faced chic comes just hours after new mum Beyoncé Knowles stepped out sans-makeup to attend a private dinner party at New York City’s Upper West Side. Given her stunningly radiant appearance, it’s no wonder she’s just been named People magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2012.

Beyonce without makeup
Beyonce sports a naturally glowing complexion (image:

Looks like a new fresh-faced movement is imminent! Celebs don’t always look quite so fine without the aid of cosmetics though. Have a look at this list, it’s bound to make you feel better about your morning face…

Contrarily, some celebs tend to over-indulge on the makeup front. To find out who, check out Yesterface’s Top Ten Celebrity Makeup Malfunctions.


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