Au Naturel; a fresh-faced look for the countryside!

Here in Anglesey the sun is beaming, the flowers are coming into bloom and the lambs are prancing in the field. It’s horribly idyllic. Look.

Anglesey Llandegfan
The view from my house. Embarassing. (Anglesey, Wales)

Given the sunny climate and blossoming trees, I figured it was time for a good old spring clean. This morning I began sorting through my bedraggled old makeup bag and, in the midst of all the decaying cosmetics, I actually came across a few old gems.

So, I decided to give myself a makeover using said cosmetic treasures. Now, I’d usually ask one of my sexy pals to do me the honour, but in my current state of isolation I haven’t much choice except to model these products myself. I would ask my neighbours, but they happen to be farm animals.

No7, Benefit, and Lancôme
No7, Benefit, and Lancôme

ANYWAY, today I’m opting for a fresh, nude and peachy look that’s in harmony with my calm but colourful surroundings. Apologies for the sickly vocabulary, let’s move on to the makeover shall we…

The Natural Look

1. Firstly I used a little No7 Intense Volume mascara in 02 Brown / Black. I was surprised at how much it elongated my eyelashes, especially considering it’s bloody ancient (I think there’s a three month use by date on mascara, but what the hell. If my eyeballs drop out I’ll let you know).

Heledd Williams Lancome eyeshadow No7 Mascara and eyeliner beauty blog
I teamed Lancome eyeshadow with No7 Mascara and eyeliner

2. I then used No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil in 10 Brown to give my eyes a feline edge (it has a nice, thick and creamy texture that doesn’t scratch your delicate eyelids), followed by Lancôme Ombre Absolue eyeshadow in F70 – 210. This shade is raaaather lovely.

3. I also used the eyeliner to define my brows. They’re already quite huge so I had to use the liner sparingly and blend it in with a piece of tissue. Quite handy if you don’t have an eyebrow kit or pencil at hand though.

Heledd Williams natural makeover makeup blog
No7 Liplicious Lipgloss in Marshmallow

4. I then addressed my lips by applying No7 Liplicious lipgloss in marshmallow. This gloss makes your lips look super sexy (click here to find out why big lips are attractive, and click here to find out why women wear lipgloss).

5. Next up, blusher. I was delighted when I found a battered old box of Benefit Coralista Coral Blush and promptly blended a few dabs into my cheekbones for a rosy finish. It’s really old but still works a treat. Gawd bless Benefit, eh?

Heledd Williams Coralista blusher  beauty blog
Coralista blusher creates a subtle effect. Excuse the douchebag pose.

6. And finally, the foundation I used isn’t old, but it’s certainly an old staple of mine. I use Clinique superbalanced makeup in 03 Ivory for a soft, flawless complexion. It is effing awesome.

So there you have it, a natural look for the countryside. If you’re in the middle of your spring clean be sure to keep an eye out for some forgotten cosmetics – they may be just what you need!

Heledd Williams natural makeover makeup blog
Anglesey's Next Top Model? I think not.

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  1. In Boots today – was told that the No7 intense volume mascara has a 1 month use by life – stunned when this is now about £12.50 but it was a Boots product advisor on the No7 counter who told me that. Damn the product is good. Damn the product is expensive … but a 1 month shelf life???

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