Barry M Nail Varnish Review (Peach Melba & Hologram)

I was shocked the other day when I glanced down and noticed my fingernails; unruly, unkempt, UNLOVED! They were in a state of inexcusable neglect.

So, ashamed with myself and my decrepit claws, I went down to Boots and headed for Barry M‘s nail varnish section. To my delight there was a 3 for 2 offer on, and after browsing the brand’s vast spectrum of delectable colours, I finally narrowed my choice down to Peach Melba, Hologram and Cyan Blue.

I’ve already managed to lose the latter, but luckily I tested it out and can confirm that the shade resembles Blue Tack. In a good way. I love it. In the meantime here are a few snapshots of the other two shades, modelled by yours truly…

Barry M Nail Varnish: Peach Melba and Hologram
Barry M Nail Varnish: Peach Melba and Hologram

1. Peach Melba

This shade delivers a nice, peachy punch. It’s a tad sickly, but I think its salmon-esque hue would work really nice with a tan. Or with black, camel or pastel-coloured clothes. It’s also versatile in that it’s suitable for both day and night. I applied two thick layers for a glossy, lacquered finish.

Barry M Nail Varnish Peach Melba
Barry M Nail Varnish in Peach Melba

2. Hologram

Perfect for a night out, but preferably teamed with a dark shade rather than peach. The only thing that irritates me about this varnish is that the glitter-to-gloop ratio is rarely equal. Sometimes the glitter comes out in big clumps, and other times you don’t even get a SINGLE SPARKLE. It’s, like, soooo annoying (California girl problems).

Barry M peach sparkle hologram
Looks like a fairy's vomited on my nails.

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