My Little Pony: Hair Icon

Ah, My Little Pony. Remember the days when you’d carefully comb your favourite plastic pony’s brightly coloured mane? No?

Well anyway, fast forward a couple of decades and it looks as if celebrities have taken inspiration from said childhood toy…

My Little Pony
My Little Pony. RETRO. (

In case you haven’t already noticed, psychedelic  hair has become all the rage recently, and I for one am strangely enamoured with this rainbow-inspired trend.

From Lauren Conrad’s pink ponytail to Katy Perry’s blue ‘do; Gaga’s custard curls to Kelly Osbourne’s blueberry bouffant; electric shades are lighting up the celebrity circuit!

Lady Gaga Katy Perry Kelly Osbourne and Lauren Conrad
Gaga, Katy, Kelly and Lauren go colour-crazy!

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I notice how several celebs are beginning to resemble the MoonDreamers. Remember them? They were amazing.

The Moondreamers
The Moondreamers aka Best Cartoon Ever (image:

Anyway, I’m glad these celebrities have gone bonkers with the hair dye. After all, we need some silly colours to brighten up these bleak economic times. Recession? Whatevz, I prefer a dip-dye to a double-dip. (See what I did there? I put a beauty trend in its wider social context).

To be fair, Beyonce did the whole dip-dye thing aaages ago (remember, in the video for Bootylicious back in 2001?) And another lady ahead of her time here is my pal Laura Kelly, who opted for super-bright shades back in 2008. I’ll leave you with a couple of snaps – who knows, you may be inspired!

pink and purple hair
Pink or purple? The choice is yours!

Yesterface fact: In ancient times, hair dyes were obtained from plants such as henna, indigo, red ochre and even leeks. The development of synthetic dyes for hair is traced back to the 1860s.


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