Saint or Sinner Makeup Palette

Primark’s Saint or Sinner eyeshadow palette is my latest favourite find. Housed in a chunky but pretty box, the palette offers a vibrant range of colours, all of which are soft, easy to apply and last for hours.

Saint of Sinner eyeshadow palette
Saint of Sinner eyeshadow palette

The shades are as follows: Vanilla, Bamboo, Dusk, Cosmo, Curfew, Galaxy, Matted, Rockstar, Charcoal and Emerald. My favourite two are Curfew and Emerald, both of which blend really well together.

saint and sinner eyeshadow palette

So, next time you’re in Primarni, make sure you keep an eye (!) out for this lovely palette… In the meantime check out how nice the Emerald shade looks, as modelled by my pal Becs who introduced me to this fab product! 

Saint or Sinner
Saint or Sinner – Emerald

Cheers @bobbeh! x


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  1. A fab product that delivers and not too expensive..this eyeshadow has lasted a lot longer than other more pricey alternatives on a night out..bargain!!

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