Snow White and the Huntsman: THE MAKEUP!

Last night I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman. The film, which seemed to be an amalgamation of Lord of the Rings, Fern Gully, and of course Snow White, was fairly entertaining. Not amazing, but a good yarn nonetheless.

While I wasn’t blown away by the film, I have to admit it boasted gorgeous scenery (including Wales’ very own Marloes Sands), stunning visual effects (the fairy sanctuary and trippy forest scenes in particular are amazing) and, more importantly, it featured some incredible makeup!

Charlize Theron – probably the hottest evil queen ever (image:

Charlize Theron looked chilling as Queen Ravenna; the smokey eyeshadow and super-arched brows really accentuated her electric-blue eyes, and the lippy further defined her sneery pout – one which often curled into a sadistic smile.

Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, looked striking as Snow White, sporting a dewy complexion, bee-stung lips and nude eye makeup. For once her perpetually forlorn expression didn’t get on my nerves.

Kristen Stewart Snow White
Kristen Stewart: physically incapable of smiling? (image:

I would also like to mention that, while Chris Hemsworth didn’t seem to be wearing much slap, he looked absolutely beautiful in his role as the humorous-but-hunky huntsman.

Yes, his pseudo-Scottish accent was poor, but luckily he made up for this with ripped abs, bulging biceps, sexy-greasy hair, gorgeous bone structure, and a pair of piercing eyes. The less said about the dwarves the better.

Chris Hemsworth Snow White and the Huntsman

Oooh and one last thought, methinks Charlize’s hilarious encounters with the magic mirror aptly reflect (pun intended) modern-day culture’s unhealthy obsession with beauty, ageing and plastic surgery.

Wonder how many famous women secretly scream at their own mirrors? I reckon Jackie Stallone has had a few stern words with her looking glass…

Jackie Stallone consults her mirror (image:

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