Serena Williams sports ace nail art at Wimbledon 2012!

It seems Serena’s handicraft knows no bounds. Not only can she manipulate a racket with ease, but it looks as if she’s a dab hand with a nail brush too!

serena williams nail varnish
Serena Williams designs her own floral nail art for Wimbledon 2012 (image: BBC2)

Serena, while being interviewed by BBC2 on the fourth night of Wimbledon 2012, discussed the tropical floral print on her perfectly manicured nails.

“I’m into nails and nail art, so I just went light this year and painted a few flowers… I’m designing them [myself], it’s fun! I love doing it!”

Opi eyeshadow Serena Williams
Serena Williams wears her favourite Opi eyeshadow at Wimbledon 2012 (image: BBC2)

Serena, who was wearing her favourite Opi eyeshadow, said during the interview that she hadn’t received flowers from a man in ‘a really long time’.

Well, now we know the solution to that problem – just do like Serena does and paint a bunch of pretty petals on your nails!

serena williams
Serena Williams looking naturally beautiful at Wimbledon 2012 (image: BBC2)

Click here to see what Serena and Venus wore at Richard Branson’s Pre-Wimbledon party!


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