Ga-gagging for caffeine!

The alarm sounds, you wake up confused, and in a frantic rush to catch your plane you forget to put on your top. We’ve all done it. Oh no, wait, we haven’t. But there’s one Lady who has, and that’s Gaga.

On her way to the airport in Australia, Lady G was spotted wearing a somewhat bizarre ensemble. “Quelle surprise!” I hear you say, and you’re right, I know. Gaga’s whacky wardrobe hardly comes as a shock these days – but let’s discuss her outfit anyway. After all, the pavement is her catwalk, and we, the world, her bewildered audience.

Lady Gaga bra airport
Lady Gaga’s sidewalk style (image:

Gaga, who had just picked up a coffee from Melbourne’s Flavour cafe, teamed a pair of flowing velvet hareem pants with gold studded belts and killer heels (quite literally, they could probably be used as a torture device). For her torso, the songstress opted for a draping velvet jacket and, erm, a push up bra, with which she proudly displayed her baps to the paps.

Yes, her attire was attention-seeking, but I have to admit that Gaga, with her custard-coloured ponytail, candy-pink lips and Lennon-esque shades, looked every inch the superstar while strutting along the sidewalk – coffee in hand and entourage in tow.

Brappuccino, anyone?


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