Yesterface is dedicated to the beauty, origins and ongoing history of cosmetics.

The site explores different eras and iconic make-up moments in order to find out how make-up style, beauty products and the cultural significance of cosmetics have all adapted through the ages.

I hope that you find the content of this site both useful and entertaining, and that the range of articles, interviews and make-up tutorials help shed new light on make-up’s foundations.


My name’s Heledd Williams, I’m 24 and fascinated by beauty!

Born and bred in Wales (North and South) my first language is Welsh, though I pursued a degree in English Literature at The University of York. After finishing my BA I completed a Post-Grad in Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University.

I’ve interned and worked for a variety of media establishments, from The York Press to Presentable TV to The Outside Organisation. I’ve written articles and interviewed celebs for Grazia, Gay Times, Company, more!, and Stylist (click links to see my work) and my main interests include beauty, photography and entertainment. If the latter interests you too then please check out my blog tellyscope.wordpress.com.

Hope you enjoy the site! x

Heledd Williams



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  1. Heledd
    I can’t believe i am only now getting back to you – i’ve not been blogging in ages, for an array of reasons, not least trying to juggle jobs and lives in Canada / Cardiff. I am delighted to hear from you and please forgive my rudeness. LOVE our blog LOVE the name, think it’s totally great. I just read a very interesting post on the history of Maybelline which i intend to tell the ladies in the office in the morning? So are you on Twitter? I know that i should be, and I know i should be doing more to promote it, but it comes in waves!
    I joined British Style Bloggers, but they’re not much cop. i think it’s mostly teenagers.
    You should send your blog link to Carolyn Hitt at Presentable. She has got me the occasional plug in the Western Mail when they need a perfume person…might be worth dropping her a line. Also she writes exquisitely so always a good person to have reading your stuff!
    Meanwhile, it has been so long since i sniffed a Vivienne Westwood perfume but i used to love her Anglomania. i will check it out for sure. Top of my wish list: WonderWood by Commes Des Garcons and L’Ombre Dans L’Eau by Ditpyque. Though I can’t say it! Hope you are well…Say Hi to your dad! Much Love Heapnose x

    • Jenny!

      Sorry for my belated reply also, course is mega busy!
      Thanks for your kind words, glad you like the blog so far; still a lot of work to do, which inevitably I shall be doing over the Christmas hols when the course workload has (touch wood) eased off a bit.

      Will definitely take up your advice on sending Carolyn my blog link, would you be able to mail me her address? Mine is heledd.w@hotmail.co.uk.

      As for Twitter, it’s a compulsory part of the online module to have an account (all part and parcel of having an ‘online presence’..!) Must admit am not much of a Twitterer yet, but it has come in handy from time to time.

      How’s balancing work/life in Cardiff/Canada? Sounds exciting! Are you still at Presentable?

      Look forwards to hearing from you,


      ps. Definitely try out Westwood’s Sin Garden, tis beaut! Will be sure to check out Wonderwood, and I’ll add your blog to my blogroll.

      pps. Dad sends his regards!

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