Make Up: It’s a Girl’s World

Considering this blogĀ  focusses on the history of make up, I think it’s only appropriate I include a brief summary of my own make up history.

I’ve always been a sucker for make up. Or at least I have been since the Christmas I received a Girls World.

In retrospect, receiving what appeared to be a severed female head now seems a little bit odd, and also reminds me of a particularly disturbing scene from Return to Oz, but I do remember my absolute joy upon receiving said creepy item.

Having seen so many TV adverts for Girls World, which I seem to recall played Queen’s ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ to emphasize the wonder of her glowing tiara, I was ecstatic when my Girls World was given to me on Christmas day. But, after many joyful years of defacing my pet head with make up, I finally became too cool for her.

And so at the end of primary school I donated the old gal to the school charity fair. Though I laughed as the boys bought her for 20p, gave her a bogwash and hurled her up a tree, a part of me withered away when I saw her deranged face and straggly blond locks hanging from the branches.

Scarring childhood memories aside, Girls World and a couple of cheap palettes were my first experience of make up, shortly followed by enormous and overly-elaborate make-up sets from the Argos catalogue.

I then progressed through all the standard cosmetic phases of a tween girl, investing in brands such asĀ  Boots’ Natural Collection, Miss Sporty, and Collection 2000. Body Shop lip balms also seemed to be a common trend from the age of about 11-14 (I can still taste the mango-flavoured gunge).

A radical shift took place at around 15 years of age, where I started to become aware of the fact that I was ‘growing up’. I moved from the likes of Sugar to Urban Decay, and began leaning towards more ‘sophisticated’ brands in general – or at least those with sleeker packaging. Since then I’ve been hooked on Benefit, Mac and any other brand which is both high in quality and beautifully wrapped.

That, in short, is mine and make up’s relationship history. It’s strange to think back to a time where you may have worn glitter mascara and too much sticky lip gloss, but can you remember your make up history?